Track GiveWP Donations

Hi there! I would love to be able to collect data from GiveWP in Matomo. I am not sure where to start-- do I find a developer to create a WordPress plugin that integrates GiveWP? Essentially, I am trying to track donations/conversions (the type of donation, one-time or recurring is key). I am trying to recreate the purchase event data in Matomo:

  • Item Id → Form ID
  • Item Name → Form Title
  • Item Brand → “Fundraising”
  • Affliliation → Site Title
  • Item Category → “Donations”
  • Item Category 2 → Payment Gateway
  • It One time/Recurring/Renewal (requires Recurring Donations to be active on the site)

Hi @Devyn_Brugge
Maybe you can use the e-commerce feature of Matomo?