Track downloads from another host

I’m using Piwik to track downloads on my website.

It works fine with files hosted on my main server. But I also have files hosted on another server. These files are downloadable on my main server and I would like to track their downloads.

Is it possible ?

Any idea ?

It should work, Piwik will track all file downloads independantly of the servers they are on.

I confirm Piwik do not track downloads from another host. The information is in “Outgoing links” (liens sortants) but not in “Downloads”. And I cannot have custom variables with the outgoing links.

Franck, what is the file you are tracking? it should track, except if the extension is not in our list of known files extensions

In the ambiguous case where it’s an off-site download, it’s treated as an outlink. To override this behaviour, add the attribute


to those downloads.