Track conversion to account created page

I’m building a site where you need an account to participate to the site. I want to track the conversion from normal users to users with an account. My conversion path is the following:

any page -> sign up -> account created

How can I filter all people who already have an account (and are signed in) from this conversion number?

If I create a custom variable ‘signed in’ and set it to true if the user signs in (or is signed in). But the people who create an account are (on the end of the process) also signed in. So If i filter the list on ‘signed in’ people I have a conversion of 0%.

Have a custom variable value of “SignedIn” or “CreatedAccount” which means they just created an account today for example. Then set this variable in JS via setCustomVariable(), and you can use it to segment your visits and see how many were seen.