Track button events in vue single page application

How do I track button events in matomo using vue.js single page application? right now I am able to track page visits.

can anyone help me here.


If you use vue-matomo, then you can simply follow their docs that mention that you can directly access window._paq.push after setting it up.

Therefore Event Tracking works exactly as explained in by calling something like _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Documentary', 'Play', 'Thrive']);

@Lukas hello - how do you see the reporting of this button event? I have confirmed a very similar scenario as above - see the event in the activity log - but can’t see the event in any type of a graph report.

I am following the very minimal directions here and can’t find anything in the reports section.

thanks in advance for any assistance.

Its not working for me because I’m using typescript with ESNext.
help me in writing .d.ts file and how to use in .vue file.

I am getting below error
err = TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trackEvent’ of undefined at VueComponent.onApproveClick (http ://localhost:8080/js/app.js:2298:20) at
click (http ://localhost:8080/js/app.js:5317:56) at invokeWithErrorHandling (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:93823:26) at VueComponent.invoker
(h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:94148:14) at invokeWithErrorHandling (h
ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:93823:26) at VueComponent.Vue.$emit (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:95852:9) at (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:146270:12) at invokeWithErrorHandling (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:93823:26) at HTMLButtonElement.invoker (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:94148:14) at HTMLButtonElement.original._wrapper (h ttp://localhost:8080/js/chunk-vendors.js:99516:25), vm = VueComponent {_uid: 57, _isVue: true, $options: {…}, _renderProxy: Proxy, _self: VueComponent, …}, info = “v-on handler”

Nevermind - it took time for the report to process - wish this lag was written in red on the top of basically every matomo help article (I’m kidding - but more visibility of this and having sifted through some logs - I think it would solve NUMEROUS help requests)

If you are hosting Matomo yourself, you can control the delay until new reports are generated by changing the cron run interval.