Track AdSense clicks?

Hello everyone.

Shortly changed from Analytics to Piwik and must say i’m pretty impressed.

One thing i really miss, is adsense clicks tracking.

I’ve added new goals with goal visit external page, but still all results are equal zero.

Can someone help me to configure it right?


Virus, I am trying to figure this out right now as well! I’ve set the domain for tracking outbound clicks via goals…and so far no go.

Adsense clicks can not be tracked using automatic click tracking as they are loaded from an external domain in an iframe.

A plugin might be developed that places a layer above the AdSense-Ads. Everytime there’s a click on that layer, an AdSense-Click could be triggered.

any news here?


I’m also interested in this request.

From what I’ve understood / read;

We need to be able to note when a mouse pointer enters the adsense iframe, and then listens for a ‘blur’ event which would effectively correspond to someone clicking on the ad.

Is this possible with piwik ? how would we implement it ?



no ideas? Any workarounds or plans to implement this anyhow?


Possible solution

still nothing? damn!!! so what do we do?

Wow, we are 8,5 years further now and still nothing happened.