Tracing the piwik.php during runtime problems



Im using the standard tracking-code piwik gives me via the console.
My monitoring shows me that the piwik.php spontaneously takes a long time until it’s finished.
I’m searching for an idea if I can configure something special so I get a debug trace or something else in a logfile on the server for analysing what happens in this situations.
Thank you for your suggestions.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please try to disable the Provider plugin and try again?


Hello Matt,

the plugin is disabled now. I take a look at the piwik.php.



Hello Matt,

now I have the response times for 24h and I can see the same runtime problems like before deactivating Provider plugin.
I don’t have runtime problems in general. Normally the piwik.php request takes between 50 and 150ms. But during 24h I can also see response times of 500 - 100ms. I can see this behaviour at 10-15% of all monitored requests.

Thanks for your hint with the Provider plugin.


(Matthieu Aubry) #5

The next thing you can try, is to setup auto archiving as explained in: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thanks for the hint!
Is auto archiving via cronjob different from the archiving I can customize vie the settings menu?
In the settings menu I configured archiving for every 3600 seconds (1h). What is different betwenn this and the auto archiving cronjob?