Trac filter too restrictive?

I tried sending this on Trac ticket 4620 but got rejected because it looked like SPAM to Trac :

I dislike IE8 as much as everybody.

But reality in Government infrastructures is that some are still stuck with Windows XP until July 2015 (end of security update) and IE8 because crappy Oracle stuff would brake.

I'm well aware that people out there are all running Chrome and FF but in the workplace you don't always do what you want.

BTW in my case we can install other browsers so I'm not asking to support IE8 for my own good but want to make Piwik Core Team realized that checking only "their reality" is not enough.


Got this message after submitting:

"Submission rejected as potential spam (Content contained these blacklisted patterns: 'skin')"


Thanks for feedback. We won’t drop IE8 before 6 months at least. Cheers