Trac errors on

I just registered an account on , looking to participate in planning for an ecommerce tracking plugin.

The trac install is throwing some errors.

Instead of a message about validating my email, I see things like this:

<acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at 0x2da6110> on the prefs/account/ page,


<acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at 0x108ff90> on the ticket/### page.

As I see no webmaster type contact on that installation I’m posting it here in hopes the responsible party will be able to fix that issue.



I don’t know what’s causing it. (I was seeing it when the SensitiveTickets plugin was enabled with my test account, but now that plugin is currently disabled, I’m not seeing that error anymore.)

We have finally upgraded Trac to the latest version and now Login + Reset password should work for all users. Please let us know if you have any problem with