Totally newbie with blank page after good and without errors installation


i just installed my piwik, today, the latest version from download site.
I unzipped piwik, copied to server, created database, run piwik, added my first site… etc…
Whole installation went brilliant! I had all ‘green checks’.
but after installation i went to my piwik site, logged in, i saw that piwik site is loading, some tables are shown and after one second whole site went into blank page.
I looked into page source and saw lots of code, so it is good i think.
I checked it on another browser… the same blank page after short showing it.
I deleted content of tmp folder on server… still the same…

Can anyone give me next piece of advice?



Just saw: page is loaded, at the bottom i can see text: ‘loading data’ and after a short while… blank page :frowning:


Now i can say that tracking scripts work fine, i looked into phpMyAdmin and saw that there are few visits logged.
Only my piwik panel turns still blank after second :frowning:


Have you tried with another browser ?
If you’re working on Firefox, you may have the same problem I had with my installation : Firefox doesn’t follow the automatic redirection.


I wrote in my first post thati checked it with another browser. None of them was firefox, it was chrome and ie.


You’re right… sorry, I didn’t saw it.
I don’t have much help to give you, I just saw your totpic with a title that sounds like mine, so I tried.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:


Now i have checked on my mobile browser (dolphin) and still the same… i can se tables on the page… data loading and then blank page. Is there a way to check what is going on? It turns blank after ‘data loading…’ hmmm… i think i have to try another stats…


I tried hard but couldnt do anything. So… piwik uninstalled, OWA works great instead…

(Matthieu Aubry) #9

please post a screenshot showing the problem, I have not heard this particular issue before I don’t think?


Screenshot? Just get white piece of paper and you will have the screenshot of blank web site page.
But forget about it… i already uninstalled piwik and i am using now OWA. Thanx.

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Check your server error logs there will be an error there