Totally disable cookies (EU cookie law etc)


We’re looking for some ways to keep as much analytics data as we can without either breaking the new eu law or annoying users (we really cant see “can we store cookies please?” popups taking off any time soon), so wondering if piwik can be used without any cookies at all.

I understand that the data wont be good, unique visitors will be invalid etc, but it seems like this will probably still be better than “plain” log analysis (the existing log analysis software that we’ve found are mostly not updated for a long time and produce quite ugly reports - suggestions welcome though!)

Has anyone done something similar to this? Any suggestions/tips etc very gratefully accepted!

EU doesn’t yet forbid cookies, especially First party cookies, so you are safe using Piwik!

Thanks for the reply Matt

I agree it sounds amazingly stupid, but it looks like they allow cookies only as long as permission has been given some summary details here[/url] (The now-finalised text says that a cookie can be stored on a user’s computer, or accessed from that computer, only if the user “has given his or her consent, having been provided with clear and comprehensive information”.) - the actual document is a bit longer ([url=] We wont be popping up alerts to ask if we can store cookies, so are looking for a way to simply not use any cookies on user’s machines.


regarding hints to do this:
Take a look at Visit#recognizeTheVisitor, you mentioned side effects, you probably won’t even loose much of the unique visitor information, Piwik uses the IP and browser settings to determine a unique visitor in case a cookie does not exist.

regarding the law:
The jury on the “cookie law” is probably still out, AFAIK the current consensus here in Germany is that normal site specific cookies are OK and either advertising or flash cookies are at most a problem. But since the deadline for the implementation of the law is in a few days and no country has passed legislation, I doubt anybody will press this issue on any level.