Total of outlinks

(AndrewL) #1


I’m just starting out with Piwik and I have installed it on a small site.

The tracking seems to be working fine - I can see counts of visitors, search terms used, pages viewed, outlinks taken, etc.

I have a simple need to see the total number of outlinks (clicks on links) on my site. I have more than 15 outgoing links on my pages so my Actions:Outlinks list table spans a number of pages. Where/how can I see a simple total of the number of outlinks for a period?


(AndrewL) #2

Anyone have any suggestions? I saw another post asking about totals in general - any pointers as to how to do this would be much appreciated

(vipsoft) #3

Use the API.

Here’s an example that you can hack on.…post&p=2052