hi uhm maybe a very stupid question but i cant seem to figure out how to use a api or something like that
im making a very big script/system for companies in holland and im trying to integrate piwik to connect automatic to the corect user
i simply need a link to open without login and with the token_auth
how do i do this
im good at php but this with api and stuff i never used before
not like this
i hope somebody can help me
i also tryed to include form inputs into the login form to auto login but its not possible to add post request to a .twig file
so sorry if i sound like a noob in this but i realy need help

i need my users to be able to see the compleet statistics without login in but with a security so the rest of the world dont see

greets from mrdecoder


it works
it seems there is an error in the linking somehow the site puts everything double at the adress bar
giving this error

The requested website idSite is not found in the request, or is invalid. Please check that you are logged in Piwik and have permission to access the specified website.

i think it was me but the error is in the adressbar made by the piwik script
its fixed now :slight_smile:

atm i use

it still puts double but this works