Today's Date on Import

Hi Folks

I had created an issue on Github, but before i have to unfortunately give up on this tool i thought i would ask here.

When using, both IIS and Apache (maybe all) logs are imported as data from today (or whenever the script runs) and the date in the logs is ignored. The Github issue is here: Imported Using Todays Date · Issue #130 · matomo-org/piwik-log-analytics · GitHub

As far as I am aware running this Python script is all that is needed for the logs to be processed to the DB using the date in the logs? If that is the case i will certainly have a look at the script and see if i can pinpoint the issue

Yes, it should parse the exact date and time from each log line in the log file. Could you confirm that the token_auth is correct? It’s required to be able to force some of the parameters in the tracking request.

Thanks for the reply. I switched to login and password (and done a password reset) and a log file from 7/11/2015 shows up under today’s date.

However, if the user has no access at all an error states it needs view access. I thought nothing of this as i had given view permission last week, and logs were getting written, just the wrong date. Giving admin access to the user being passed with the script seems to fix the issue. Makes me feel a bit stupid now but maybe the script should fail if admin access isnt granted.

Can you close my issue? It wont let me add comments or close it with a comment.

Added a comment there. Cheers!

:thumbsup: @dmcelroy could you create a new issue on log-analytics issue tracker, to describe this problem?