Title for ecommerce widget is incomplete

I am generating a little c-level dashboard, and I noticed that while the visits overview widget says “visits overview”, the e-commerce overview only says “overview”. That is confusing, and should be changed. It should say “E-Commerce Overview”:

I can’t see a way to customize this (using the cloud edition). Or maybe I just did not find where to set a custom widget title?

Hi @DanielHug
This feature is not available yet.
You may create a feature request at:

Hi @heurteph-ei
I am not requesting a custom text feature, I am mainly saying the hard coded title “Overview” should be “E-Commerce Overview” instead.

Even for so little update, a feature request must be created (or else if you have time, you can code and create a PR in the Matomo GitHub…)

Okay, done:

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