Timeout while update to 4.1.0

I was just trying to update my matomo installation and it lasts much longer than ever and it runs into a Proxy timeout. Now I see this:

And if I try to run the update step in the terminal it looks like this:

matomo@server:~/www/matomo$ php console core:update

    *** Update ***

    [X] Critical Error during the update process:

    * Database matomo is empty. You must edit or remove your Matomo configuration file.

    The above is the core error message. It should help explain the cause, but if you require further help please:

    * Check the [ Matomo FAQ ] which explains most common errors during update. 
    * Ask your system administrator - they may be able to help you with the error which is most likely related to your server or MySQL setup.
Uncaught exception in /home/matomo/www/matomo/vendor/php-di/php-di/src/Container.php line 135:
No entry or class found for 'log.handlers'

I then added the Line Plugins[] = "Login" to my config.ini.php and was able to reload the web interface and now I am running the same upgrade step again. But it just tells me again “Service Unavailable” after a while.
Now it seems that I can run php console core:update also in the terminal which is executing now.

Is there anything I need to check after this? What could possible go wrong?

It is taking a very long time at step 354:
Executing ALTER TABLE `log_link_visit_action` ADD COLUMN `search_cat` VARCHAR(200) NULL, ADD COLUMN `search_count` INTEGER(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_dom_completion` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_dom_processing` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_network` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_on_load` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_server` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL, ADD COLUMN `time_transfer` MEDIUMINT(10) UNSIGNED NULL;...

Wow, it took over 30 minutes now to run through the upgrade step. And now I see many issues in the web interface:

Now it seems that all kind of Plugins are disabled or something. Really weird. When I go to the settings and enable “Actions” I need to make more update steps. I try this now and hopefully I can find out which Plugins were enabled before. Shouldn’t there be a backup of all enabled Plugins or something like this?


When in doubt, it might help to replace all files with the ones from the latest Matomo version (https://matomo.org/download/) and overwrite them.

You could even try to completly replace the Matomo directory (after a backup) with the files from the download and then simply follow the installer again (it will recognice existing data if you enter the database details and especially the table prefix correctly) and then install plugins from the marketplace again and set up geolocation again.

I was able to simply install every Plugin again one after another. Sometimes I had to to one more database upgrade step. But it was very tedious because I was not able to bulk enable all the plugins. And after the installation of some plugins it redirected me to the dashboard again and I had to navigate to the settings and Plugins page again.

But it is good to know to be able to just remove the directory and reinstall it. That sounds nice. Thanks.

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