Timeout if Matomo download page could not be loaded


we had a really special case theses days. Our Matomo server seemed to have some issues so it was really slow and could not answer some request, or was not reachable at all. Which is not that a big problem. But our application got some Problems too, when Matomo tried to track downloads. I can’t guarantee, as there is no log information on this, but it seems like Matomo was not reachable and the download page could not be generated. But instead of not tracking after a timeout, Matomo tried to load the page for a really long period. So we ran into the limit of Apache connections available on the server. So I tried to find a way to fix this and found that there should be a timeout for the generation of the download page (LinkTrackingTimer). Standard setting for this timeout is pretty fine for us, but I tried to reset and retrieve it, which worked well. But it seems to be ingnored, if Matomo does not answer at all. As all other pages ran normally and just do not track, we are looking for a way to achieve this behaviour for the download page as well. Is there any setting, we can do get a timeout after a few seconds (better some milliseconds)?

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