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I was translator of Piwik some years (decades?) ago, and I’m working in pt-BR translation.

My question is how long time is the sync between weblate and the code for next release with a updated translation?



Whenever a translation on weblate is updated, then at the latest 24h later, a pull request towards the Matomo source is created/updated:

The PR is then merged at the very least before every release.
Which means that any new translation should be included in the next Matomo release.

Thank you, Lukas, for your clarification.

On the other hand, where are the registered translation contributions?

What exactly do you mean?

Hi Lukas

Stefan Giehl replied to my question. Thank you.

Hi Claudio,
sorry for the delay.
The translation statistics are actually only updated with every Matomo release.
Therefor they might be out of sync with weblate.
Also the stats on our website only include only the official resources (so no third party plugins).
The list of translators is currently still maintained in a translation.
We might change all that in the future, so the stats & list of translators is maybe fetched directly from weblate.

Stefan Giehl - translations@matomo.org

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