Time in Piwik wrong

Hi guys,

I’ve only just noticed that my Piwik time is wrong, the time on my server is right, I’m running on a VPS. So I’m guessing that my PHP timezone is wrong? Or does Piwik check the current time a different way?

Its currently 8 PM my time but my log file from the cronjob thinks its 10 AM, the date is correct but just not the time.

Is this an issue and would it be a repetitively easy fix? Or is it nothing to worry about? All my websites have their timezone set correctly, it just seems piwik doesn’t.

Thanks in advance for any help

You can change the timezone for each website in Settings > Websites

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick reply however thats not quite the issue I’m having. The websites time zones are correct, they display the time entered and such fine.

The issue is with Piwik itself. If I go check the log from the last run archive, ran at 9 PM, its currently 9:03 PM, but the Piwik log shows that it thinks its 10 AM.

Is this something that I shouldn’t worry about or is it something I should go ahead and try to change?

What timezone did you set for the site ? the archive log always shows time in UTC

Again, sorry. The actual website isn’t an issue. I’m looking at the archive log. If the archive log always shows time in UTC then I guess this isn’t an issue. Thats all I’m worried about, the time that gets shown in the archive log.