Our matomo very often counts TikTok as a used browser. What I know: There is TikTok’s in-app browser, but it only becomes active when you click on a link within the TikTok app.

However, the visits to our site that I found are based on Google paid searches. And you can’t actually do that in TikTok?! I’ve already tried to find out whether Matomo was tracking incorrectly, but couldn’t find any information about what kind of browser it was supposed to be.

Does anyone face the same issue?


Hi Markus,

I noticed the exact same. It shows me TikTok as the browser for many of my google ads visitors. I find it very strange too.

Anyone knows more about this??

Hi @markusdus, @Isabell
How do you track? (JavaScript, MTM, server-side, log analytics, etc.)
Are you on premise or on Matomo Cloud?

JavaScript, Matomo Cloud

Hi @Isabell
Then I think you can ask directly to the Matomo Cloud support team. Then share the diagnosis :wink:


We are using a self-hosted matomo Version with Cookieless Tracking environment!


Hi @markusdus
Can you share the User-Agent and/or the ClientHint provided in your case?