Third party WordPress plugin for revamped Matomo Dashboard?

Google Analytics is such a popular and widespread analytics tool, there are a bunch of third party plugins created for WordPress, designed to organize data in a neatly organized, aesthetically pleasing dashboard, all of it within WordPress. There’s MonsterInsight, ExactMetrics, Analitify, etc.

Is there one such plugin for Matomo, that would allow users to view Matomo data directly on WordPress and that would organize and beautify the Matomo dashboard (again, all of it within WP), and if not, would someone be willing to create such a plugin?


I don’t know such a plugin (WP-Matomo does this a bit: You can set it up to show reports on the wordpress dashboard and also below the article editor), but it should be quite possible to create something like this.

Every single Matomo report can be fetched in various formats via the API, so if someone wants to build it, it should be rather straightforward.