Third party access

We develop apps for other companies, and one of our requirements for analytics is letting our customers view the analytics for their app. Is that easy to do with Matomo, or would we need to write our own front end to the database?


Matomo has an extensive API which you can use to access all data and every report.

If you don’t want to build the UI yourself you can simply embed all dashboards and widgets as iFrames.

Otherwise you could just let your customer login directly into your Matomo instance and maybe use the WhiteLabel to change it to your branding.

Thank you. Now I need more characters.

Thanks for this answer.

We’re a digital agency and have the same question but it’s more related to RGPD constraint : we would like too our client to access the data, but to be RGPD, we need to not access ourselve the data.

Is it possible to give an exclusive access to data to our client, in some way ?

thanks a lot