There is logs showing visitors from google but my site is not searchable via google

Hello everyone.
My site is not searchable via google even if you try to search with ‘’. The only way to enter my site is through direct link or through links on other sites. How could it be that in my logs it shows a few dozen visits from google?

My assumption is that because of a post I wrote relating to android it could be that some google employees visited that post but still I don’t think that they used google search to find it.

Are there any more detailed logs that I could get my hands on to look at? Or am I misunderstanding something?

That’s a little bit of a mess. There are plenty of bots that are not identifiable as bots, pretending to be human beings using Google. Something like that can be ordered via clouds.

I’ve been on the trail of this for a while.

You need to check the IP addresses and find out where these “visitors” are coming from. They can come from clouds, or from servers run by companies that scan websites for security risks.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem, because these bots behave like human visitors, which is what they are programmed to do. The only option is to collect all these IP addresses and add them to the blacklist.

Cloud hosters offer lists with their IP ranges. However, these lists are very large. If desired, these lists can be added to the Matomo IP filter.

Sound like a valid reasoning. But since I am chose to put this site on github pages we will never know since I don’t have access to actual logs.