There are times when "action_name" can be obtained and times when it cannot


I am using the “JavaScript Tracking Client” API.
Even when tracking the same URL, “action_name” sometimes has a value and sometimes does not, as shown below.

・If you have obtained it

・If you have not been able to obtain it

Question 1: What is the reason why “action_name” cannot be obtained?
Question 2: If there are multiple causes, please let me know each one.
Question 3: Also, is it possible that “action_name” cannot be obtained depending on the browser or communication environment of the person accessing the URL?
Question 4: What measures can be taken to ensure that “action_name” can always be obtained?

Hi @hmk-fukushi-taiga
I don’t understand what you mean with « “action_name” sometimes has a value and sometimes does not »? Where do you check?
Also what do you mean with « you have obtained it »?