Theming piwik?

How do I customize piwik? I would like to add a logo. I can’t find a global theming file within the theming folder. Any advice?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, I’m also new to piwik and the first thing I’d like to do is rebranding it as allowed by the GPL.

The main problem is that it sounds like the design cannot be changed only by placing another theme in the “themes” folder. It would be much easier if all the design related information would be placed in that folder…

Maybe a FAQ could help us to change basic things like the logo?

Theming is on the todo list.

See FAQ re: rebranding and the GPL.

theming is for end user. wordpress and this stuff. piwik isnt for end users. google analytics cant be themed either. or phpmyadmin always had it’s own theme. after several years you could take some others.

i suggest to create one nice ui. xetra-max already made some fonts things i found quite nice and i saw some nice layouts in another thread…

theming a b2b app is imho not worth the effort!