The uselessness of the DNT plug-in

So Piwik 1.9.2 ignores the DNT of the IE 10.
Firefox has DNT. Chrome has DNT. Turning on DNT OF COURSE means that the users don’t want to be tracked.

Last time I checked, more than 90 % of my Firefox visitors had DNT turned on too.

So why don’t you just remove the DNT plug-in from Piwik?

How do you check the amount of Firefox visitors with DNT turned on? I’d like to do that, too.

I think the DNT plugin should have an additional option to count the amount of users with DNT turned on and after that stop tracking them. This would allow to get a better feeling for absolute values delivered by Piwik.

I know the avg amount of Firefox visitors. I saw the decline.

The DNT plug-in is only useful if it obeys the DNT header. If it does not, it makes no sense to use it.

the DNT respects the DNT header except in IE10 because all IE10 browsers have DNT enabled by default.

So the only reason to ignore it is because most IE users enabled it (automatically)?
So if the majority if Firefox users enables it, it will also ignore Firefox?

microsoft decided to enabled DNT probably to “kill” the DNT standard - sorry this is true (it is also very political, search for “DNT IE10” you will find lots of info)

This does not invalidate my question, does it?
If most Firefox users would use DNT, Piwik would be quite worthless with DNT enabled, right?