The trackFormConversion function mostly does not send a request

I’m tracking a form with the form analytics plugin. Because of no new page is loaded after submitting the form, I try to track the conversion manually with the function: _paq.push([‘FormAnalytics::trackFormConversion’, ‘’, ‘gform_id4’);
(my form has no name but an ID)

Very often no tracking request is sent to Matomo afterwards, when I take a look to the developer network console. In rare cases it happens.
I can’t see any correlation between when it works and when it doesn’t.

However, when I call the function trackFormConversion like above from the browser javascript console, it always works.

In the documentation I read the mystique sentence " It is recommended to call this FormAnalytics::trackFormConversion method as early as possible in your Matomo tracking code.".
But what this means?

It’s the first call in my case, but in the Tag Manager with a custom HTML tag and not with “normal” tracking code.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Hi @utrautma did you have any examples on how it reflects when it does and doesn’t occur?
I.e are you able to see it in your visit log?

Are you sure your _paq.push([‘FormAnalytics::trackFormConversion’, ‘’, ‘gform_id4’);is called?
Does this call never raise an error? (see in browser console)
It seems you use MTM to call the form conversion… Are you sure the MTM container has been well loaded and initialized (did you previously trigger a pageview or initialization tag?)

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Thank you for your support. As it is now for me, it works as it should.
My mistake was not recognizing that in the network log of the developer console sometimes the requests were made with and sometimes without GET parameters, depending on the converted form. See the screenshot showing two different requests of form conversion. On the first request, all parameters are sent as POST.

However, I only looked for requests that had GET parameters.