The three types of Google visitor, all explained but one

I have noticed there is what I could call three Google visitors:

  1. Google with search term - Users that aren’t logged in.
  2. Google no other info - Presumably users that are logged in (previously ‘no search term’?).
  3. Google no search term, with ranking.

I am a bit confused about the rankings, why doesn’t it always show and what’s different about the cases where it does show? It seems like it is displayed with ‘no search term’ results which indicates that they are logged on users but you don’t get the ranking with a visitor where a search term was available so that discounts this theory.

Is there more to the Google visitors other than just logged in or not? Can someone explain the ranking and the lack of it on the majority of entries?

So no one knows the answer to this, not even someone from Piwik?

Hi there, sorry I dont understand your question?

That is the three different visitor referral types which are shown in Piwik.