The secondary data on Matomo

Good morning.
I would like to inquire about the Matomo platform.
Using the Free version, up to which secondary data can we get about the audience (e.g. age, gender, geo target)?
If we had to buy a suitable plug-in, what benefits would it give us? What secondary data can we have about the audience?
What kind of plugin can you recommend to get the secondary data for the target?
Is there any other way to contact Matomo support (e.g. chat)?
Thanks for your feedback

Regarding the kind of data you can collect using Matomo:

  • Session information: This includes the number of visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate, and more.

  • Device information: This includes data on the type of device used, operating system, browser, etc.
    Geolocation data: Matomo can tell you where your users are visiting from, at the country, region, and city level.

  • Referral data: This includes information on how users arrived at your site, whether from search engines, direct links, or referring sites.

However, Matomo does not inherently collect demographics data like age and gender. The collection of such data often requires explicit user consent due to privacy laws in many jurisdictions. But there is no Plugin for that.

In addition you can use this for the ISP of a visitor:


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