The Piwik ignore cookie not working?

I will try to make this simple.

I have Piwik installed and working at (It is hosted by host gator, so I had to use the piwikTracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’); fix)

I am tracking 5 websites at this time, 4 of them are also on host gator, 1 is on media temple. They are all tracking (and seem right)

I clicked the link under “Exclude your visits using a cookie” of the control panel settings, yet I am still being tracked.

I use Safari as a browser. I also have a dynamic ip, so this cookie idea, I though was a good one, but it isn’t working.

Any thoughts?

Try a different browser (for example, Firefox). If this browser works, you have a Safari problem. If it doesn’t, it’s a Piwik problem.

I suspect that it’s something to do with the Privacy settings in Safari. (Safari works OK on my Windows 7 laptop, as do Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE.)

When you try a different browser, remember that you need to log into Piwik to set the cookie for that new browser. Unfortunately, browsers don’t share their cookies.

Tried it in Firefox, added the cookie, and then checked our website and it still tracked the visit and all actions.

setRequestMethod(‘POST’); will only work if the piwik ishosted on the same domain as the website. To fix for hostgator, see:

Does the ‘POST’ method some how circumnavigate the cookie? I don’t understand how that could make a difference, as well - PIWIK was NOT tracking, then I added the ‘POST’ line and it started.

I suppose it is a good idea to white list and fix SECURITY_MOD anyhow. Regarding that, do I just have to whitelist and disable security mod for

the other sites I am monitoring are; (on hostgator) (on host gator) (on host gator) (still on media temple, for now)

Will I need to whitelist these, or can I just keep adding sistes as long as Piwik is run from

I dont think it works correctly to use POST and track on different domains, for JS security reasons if I remeber I remember correctly…

so what domain do I whitelist? Just the one where piwik is at? (

Just did a test with another known working Piwik - cookie worked fine, as I suspected. So what do I need to whitelist? The answer to this hinges on if I will use Piwik or not. (I want to, maybe I will have to change hosts, again :()

OK, I just want to report back my situation.

I dropped all the piwikTracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’); lines from the websites I am tracking.

As before, all tracking stopped working. On the tracked websites I would get a 403 forbidden on the piwik.php file.

I “chatted” with hostgator and had them whitelist and remove mod_security for and the code began to work, for all sites both on and off the same server.

AND, the cookie now works to block my visits. Very happy.

I was originally miss led to think that I was going to have to whitlist every website I wanted to track. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, just whitelist where Piwik is hosted and you are good to go. Thanks all for the input.

Truly I should have just done this at the time of install - it came up as a warning, but seemed like it was for an optional feature, not the whole point!

Thanks again

Thank you for letting us know.

Very useful, thank you.