The Missing resetUserId() Method

QUESTION ONE: Under the assumption that most, if not all, of the methods and their corresponding arguments that we push onto the _paq array refer, in fact, to specific Matomo methods created from PHP, why is it that the resetUserId() method not listed among the methods displayed at

Is this an oversight, or was it done intentionally. Or, is it not even a PHP method? It is a lot confusing, for a beginner such as myself.

QUESTION TWO: In a similar light, do the setUserId() and setVisitorID() methods assign different values to the same parameter – namely, uid. Or, does the one assign a value to uid, and the other to cid?


What gave rise to this issue, in part, is the confusion in the user’s manual with regard to the meaning of the term user. In some contexts the term user refers to a visitor, and in others it refers to those who access the Matomo server to retrieve information. In the end, I suppose the question boils down to the following:

DISTILLED QUESTION: Which methods set the uid and cid parameters?