The getNumberOfVisitsByVisitCount( ) Method

The getNumberOfVisitsByVisitCount( ) method is part of the VisitorInterest API. It generates fourteen sets of statistics of the following format:


Consider the following three sets of fourteen sets less the nb_visits_percentage statistic.

1 visit   74 visit(s)
2 visits  23 visit(s)
3 visits  12 visit(s)

Unfortunately, I am having trouble interpreting these values

How does one interpret the third set, for example? Does the number 12 mean that, of all the visits made to the website, 12 of them were a visitors third visit? And that, when taken all together, these visits from these visitors (unique or otherwise) represent 36 of the total visits?


ps. Ignoring the nb_visits_percentage statistic you may see what a full set of fourteen statistics looks like by visiting the Visitor Profile > Sponsor Overview > All Visitors > VisiterInterest on the Grammar Captive mainpage.