The email doesn't have a valid format

Hello “out there”! :wave:

We’ve recently acquired two new users with an apostrophe (single quote) in their names, which means it’s in their email address, which Matomo does not like… (Example: jane.o’

After searching for hours, I’ve found a few hits discussing this exact issue; however, I don’t see a fix or workaround!?!?

Other than changing our customer’s email address in our company’s Microsoft Active Directory, which by the way does not have a problem with apostrophe’s/single-quotes, is there anything we can do in Matomo ?

  • Matomo version: 3.13.0
  • MySQL version: 5.7.22-log
  • PHP version: 7.1.9

Thanks in advance for any help!


You are right, this bug (E-Mail addresses with special characters are not working · Issue #11796 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub) still exists. Someone started a patch at Fix email html encoding · Pull Request #12611 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub but abandoned it later.

If someone wants to contribute a fix it would be really great.

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