The date 'today' is not a correct date range

That’s true. That’s also too bad, though :slight_smile:


Guys, thank you for insisting! I finally could replicate it, as it only happens on a fresh install or a site, that was created today; here is the fix: if you can test it

I just experienced the same problem on my 1.3 install when I added a new site. Added the fix and now it works great! :slight_smile:

Same here. Great + Thanks :slight_smile:

I finally made it to work too! Thanks for this share.

Is it possible - if I am not asking too much after such a long period - to repost the link to a working page ? Many thanks in advance, and enjoy your weekend!

You post on a very old topic… Do you encounter any issue about the date ‘today’ in Matomo?


Thanks for responding! I do not have any issues with using Matomo. It took some time to find out some solutions in the past but for now I am completely happy with the incredible analytics services.

I am running it on my own servers, customized it completely to my own needs, and for sure some additions will be added later on.

Even after upgrading to a newer release my customizations are implemented again and things are keep working. And many additions I created already are only available by using the commercial options and as a developer I do prefer to create my own things.

Many thanks again and - maybe a bit too early - enjoy the upcoming weekend!