Temporarily turning off GeoIP database auto updates

I’ve read the recent documentation that Maxmind geolocation databases will now require an account-based process to keep up-to-date. Maxmind is changing access to free GeoLite2 databases

For now, I only want to turn off notifications/errors that the autoupdate URL is not found. Because we are using a cron job to run core:archive hourly, the geolite2 update d/b task seems tied to this hourly scheduled cron, rather than running only weekly or monthly.

My question: What’s the easiest way to disable the updater, while keeping the geolocation plugin intact using the last obtained database? I’ve removed the URL from the admin interface at “Setup automatic updates of GeoIP databases”. Is this enough?

A function in the file /plugins/GeoIp2/GeoIP2AutoUpdater.php seems to suggest that removing the URL from the admin GUI will disable the autoupdater (at line 360).

     * Returns true if the auto-updater is setup to update at least one type of
     * database. False if otherwise.
     * @return bool
    public static function isUpdaterSetup()
        if (Option::get(self::LOC_URL_OPTION_NAME) !== false
            || Option::get(self::ISP_URL_OPTION_NAME) !== false
        ) {
            return true;
        return false;

If this doesn’t work, I’ve found a line in the /plugins/GeoIp2/Tasks.php that may offer an easy way to disable the autoupdater: commenting out the if…then “do this” in the “schedule” function.

 public function schedule()
        // add the auto updater task if GeoIP admin is enabled
        if (UserCountry::isGeoLocationAdminEnabled() && SettingsPiwik::isInternetEnabled() === true) {
           // $this->scheduleTask(new GeoIP2AutoUpdater());

At the moment, I want to be sure that I’m only toggling off the updater. We’ll toggle it back once we’ve worked out the reset to the Maxmind arrangement.


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The latter change of the schedule function feels right to me. You might still be getting errors for the tasks that have already been scheduled.