Technical contact for paying customer

Hi guys,

I have a customer that will within 5 days pay for premium service. He will ask me for assistance and beg me to find solutions in this forum but i’m not a premium customer.

Is this okay anyway or do wi have to register my customer int this forum so you can see we have the right to ask premium questions.

Best regards
/Peter Carlsson


Which premium service exactly are you referring to?

This forum is mostly intended for questions about the FOSS software.
If you have questions about Matomo cloud or the premium plugins you will get faster support if you send an E-Mail to the respective teams directly (I can send you the address per direct message if you want to)

Well, my customer will purchase the yearly payed Business version. Not hosting Matomo on his own server.

Sorry if i don’t get the difference with FOSS.


In this case you (or your customer) can contact the Matomo Cloud team directly at

Sorry for not being precise: The forum is mostly for people using the Open Source software on their own servers and having questions or reporting bugs about that unrelated to paid products.

Thank you so much and sorry to bother you.

No problem, that’s what the forum is for: Answering questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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