Tagmanager load unwanted popup


After adding Matomo tag manager to my website, popup window load every time i access my site.

I searched but was not able to find any solution, hopefully somebody can help me here.

Matomo version: 4.5.0
MySQL version: 8.0.23
PHP version: 7.4.3

This is very strange…
Is this the pop up that is shown in your website?
What did you configure in your MTM? How are you hosted?

Hello, and thanks for reply.

Yes above is the screenshot of the popup, in MTM i have added Facebook Pixel and google analytics ids, and set trigger on on pageview, I have instance in AWS.


The source of Matomo Tag Manager never contains alert, so I doubt that’s what creates the alert-window.

Maybe the code loaded by the tags creates it.

You can see the JS those two tags execute here:

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Alert is for google analytics ID, issue was caused by google. It’s not related to MTM, somehow replacing GTM with MTM has activated old JS.

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