Tagging content with custom variables?

Hi there,

I’m new to this so please excuse my ignorance.

I want to be able to report on, for want of another phrase, ‘content types’. For example, can I tag a page somehow with, say, a content type called ‘partner’ then be able to report on all pages tagged with that content type? And, possibly, a mix of content types based on set conditions, for example ‘partner’ AND ‘care’?

I think I might be able to do it with custom variables but can’t figure out how.

I hope this makes some kind of sense!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Stephen,

sure you can do this! Check out our innovative and unique Contents Tracking feature: Content Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Alternatively you may also be interested in the Event Tracking Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks Matt,

I’m not looking to track interactions with content (so clicking on a link), just to pull in some additional detail about the nature of the content that can be reported on. Sorry, I’m probably being a dumb…

Thanks again,