Tag users / connect name to user ID

Is it possible to give user IDs a specific name?
For example, by testing and watching the individual steps my co workers make on our page, I would like to give the long cryptic user ID a name. For example “Co worker A”. So I know everytime when I check the statistics that this specific person did it and not a real customer.

I know I could block them completely by adding the cookie to their devices etc. But that’s not really a good option for me. Too much could “go wrong” to delete the cookie over time or not working etc.

When I remove all data from that person from matomo, that would clear old data, but newly generated data will still be inflated.

Any good way of working here for me?


Hi @jonalange
For such cases, I personally use the segments: My use case is finding myself, then I created a segment on my ID:

You may also create a segment where some selected visitors (user IDs) are excluded…

If this is not sufficient, you can either create your own plugin:

Or ask for a new feature request (but when will it be developed?):