Tag Manager working in Preview Mode, not firing after publication

I’ve setup a basic container, triggers and event tags and when I preview, I’ve seeing successful tag fires in the onscreen debugger and in the Real-time Visit log. However, once I publish, I no longer see the events in Real-Time unless I’m in preview mode. I’m not sure what the issue could be since preview works fine.

Any advice?

Had a similar problem. For me it helped to fix the problems in gear icon > Diagnostic > System Check. I had to delete two files and then everything worked.

But now three days later the preview is not working anymore and also newly created tags are not working. Only the first initally created tag is working. (I have published everything to my live env and I use the preview mode directly on that env).

For other users and for more efficiency: link to the same subject : Matomo Tag Manager - Only preview works - Support & Bugs - Matomo forums