Tag Manager Variable with Lookup-Values - "Else" parameter

When I create a url variable because I want to define webpage areas based on the url (e.g. for custom dimensions), I want to use the lookup table.
I understand the lookup table as an “if” or “if else” construct in the coding. But how do I map the “else” condition correctly?
In the example below I have entered an “empty” “not contains” condition for this.

It seems to work, but I’m not sure about this approach.

How are you doing?

If this works, it means this was the solution! :wink:

Haha. As it is, with “trying around” without functional understanding: it is no longer possible to map an “else” value in this way.
It no longer works with an empty comparison string.
Unfortunaley, I have changed the variable and cannot check my old configuration. Maybe I had added a space without noticing.

I’ve now added a space in the Lookup table, like in the screenshot, and it’s working again.

This is the code in the Container-File:
{“matchValue”:" ",“outValue”:“Other areas”,“comparison”:“not_starts_with”}

There should never be a space in the URL, so I have the solution for an “else” value, I think.