Tag manager user permissions

I’m not familiar with Matomo’s Tag Manager user management permissions but it seems I am facing a bug when editing the persmissions on a user :

if I select one of the three options concerning tag manager, it automatically switch to “View”. :frowning:

Can you confirm that it’s possible to separate the permissions given on the tag manager and the property for data analysis ?

Many thanks for your help

Do you have any idea ? :slight_smile:
Many thanks,

The UI might be a bit confusing. The Tag-Manager permissions are capabilities, the other options are access rights.
The selector in the overview will always show the access right permission the user has. If you click on the Tag-Manager permissions the user should receive if, but it won’t be shown in the selector.

It is a lot better visible when editing a single user and clicking on permissions…

Feel free to create an issue on github with suggestions how to improve that.

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