Tag Manager Piwik Pro


I testing Piwik Pro (Cloud)… I don’t see Tag Manager :frowning: Where is it please ?

I sent an email to the support, but no answer (very bad thing!)


The Open Source software Piwik (in which forum you are posting) has nothing to do with the company Piwik Pro which just uses the software.

If you are having an issue with them, you’ll need to get the help from their support.

OK Lukas. The support answered me.

Hi everyone,

we have just released the Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager. Learn more about this powerful new Tag Manager here: Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager now available as a beta - Analytics Platform - Matomo

And we would love if some developers are keen to contribute: Developers and vendors: Want a Matomo Hoodie? Add a tag to the Matomo Open Source Tag Manager and this could be yours! - Analytics Platform - Matomo


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