Tag Manager permissions not granted to admin

We have a multi-server instance of matomo on v3 and have enabled the tag manager plugin. We also have a SSO plugin. I as super-user can perform all tag manager functions, but all non-superuser users with “admin” permission are not able to perform tag manager functions for their profile. Admins get a “Error: your session has expired due to inactivity. Please log in.” and presented some sort of matomo Sign In page that we have not seen before. ALL other non-tag manager admin capabilities are working properly. In the user listings, the admin user does show the tag manager under “capabilities”.

  • Are special permissions/capabilities for Tag manager access on a site found in the DB (associated with the userid)? If so where?
    -Is Tag manager logic not just checking “admin” permission from the DB?
  • Why is there logon logic in Tag manager and can it be defeated?


Further question. When activating Tag Manager, is a new block built into config.ini.php for Tag Manager? I don’t see one and I am wondering if there should be.

Could someone out there who has Tag Manager activated check their ini file and see if there is a block for Tag Manager and share what it look like?

Maybe these issues are fixed / the behavior has changed with the version 4.
Can you update your instance to the last version of Matomo?