Tag Manager page is empty and the console shows javaScript errors

I know a lot of threads deal with the problem of an empty tag manager page. But for me, clearing the cache did not solve the problem and I also have an empty dashboard.
Checking the console in the browser shows 4 JavaScript errors:
and two angularjs errors (I am only allowed to post one image).

Does anyone have an idea what could probably cause this problem? I could not find any information :frowning:



Could you maybe post the whole width of the error?

It should say exactly where it occurs which would help narrow it down.


Hopefully, this helps!

Hi @kolja_langer any chance you could create a user for us on your WordPress with the role “Matomo Super User”? We would then only have access to your Matomo but nothing else in your WordPress. This would allow us to investigate and hopefully find the cause of that problem.

If that’s a possibility, could you send us a login to wordpress@matomo.org ?

many thanks! I just created an account. Let me know if you have any issues logging into the matomo settings of my site.