Tag Manager once in a life time not working?

Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding tag manager > trigger fire once in a life time

I already set like this, but when I execute it the trigger, the event fire several time per one user?
how does this “fire once in a lifetime” works? or is there any way to check it works only once in a lifetime?
or can I trigger a goals that “fire once in a lifetime”? I read here. . it only have two option : Goal can only be counted once per visit or Goal can only be counted more than once per visit . what I need is Goal can only be counted once per in a lifetime
does anyone know how to achieve with it?
Thank you in Advance

Hi @iven
I think that @innocraft can have some information about the “Once in lifetime” value of trigger Fire limit

Thank you for your clarify my point.
I still haven’t found out the way to do it.
I found out that it fire limit “once in a lifetime” because I still stay at the same page.
if refresh the pages, It will re-trigger the event.
so the “once in the lifetime” still can’t be achieved

Hi @iven ,

Once you choose the option to trigger “Once in lifetime”, information about the tag is stored in local storage. If it is modified or disabled by any means, this may not work as intended. If you check in Preview mode, it will always show as triggered, if that is the case it is how it should be.

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