Tag Manager in Nuxt Application?


does anybody know how to integrate matomo tag manager into a nuxt project/application?

The module nuxt-matomo (https://github.com/pimlie/nuxt-matomo) is just for tracking code and not for tag manager.

Has anyone experience with this?

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No, sorry, but it seems very similar to Angular and React no? So I guess it will be all about tweaking the template to add a datalayer event when a new page is generated no?
So it is more about discussing with a Nuxt developed to make her/him add the line of code when the new page is loaded and finished, no?

The question is about how to integrate the tag manager code the right way and how to handle route changes (and also dynamic page titles) to get the right data to the tag manager.

I work on a solution but it’s very hard because I have no experience with this. So my question if heres somebody with some experiences to share.

@iparker I am looking into the same task. Did you come up with a solution?