Tag Manager doesn't fire tag if trigger condition changes

To support explicit consent in our Consent Management Tool, I’ve created a data layer variable with name “CMT Custom Service” and a default value of “declined”. Then, I’ve updated the default PageView trigger to only trigger when this data layer variable is set to “accepted”.

Now, I can add the Tag Manager as service in my Consent Management Tool as well as the custom service. Whenever the Tag Manager is enabled in the CMT, the Tag Manager is loaded. Whenever the custom service is enabled in the CMT, it changes the value of the data layer variable to “accepted”.

This basically works if I enable both services (Tag Manager and custom service) at the same time.

If I only enable the Tag Manager and decide to enable the custom service on a later state, even though the data layer variable is changed successfully, it doesn’t trigger the PageView trigger to count a page view.

Is there something I need to change or is this a limitation in the Tag Manager?
We’re using the same setup in the Google Tag Manager and it fires the corresponding trigger as soon as the data layer variable is changed. So basically: every time a data layer variable is changed, it checks all triggers again, which the Matomo Tag Manager doesn’t seem to do.