Tag Manager does not fire tag/"no trigger"

I recently started to use Matomo Tag Manager to easily add events to my tracking. I set up a tag with a trigger to add event data to Matomo.

Here is a simple use case: Fire an event on 404 pages with URL/Referrer

  1. Added a variable “Page Title” that picks up the title of a page via Javascript
  2. Added a trigger that filters for page titles “missing page”
  3. Added a tag that creates an event with the information about a 404/URL/Referrer
  4. Tied everything together in a tag
  5. Checked via preview/debug on my page if it works.

Problem: Tag manager works, but the tag is not firing. The tag manager shows that the 404 tag is not fired (hence, it knows about the tag). The trigger tab shows that there are “no triggers” (what does that mean?). The variables tab shows all relevant variables with the correct values (Page Title has the necessary value to trigger).

Question: Why is the tag not fired if the variables are correctly filled? What am I missing?

Can you screenshot the configurations of variable and trigger?

I am sorry, but I switched to a different tag manager meanwhile.