Tag Manager: Bounce Rate to low

since the change to the tag manager the jump rate has gone down a lot. We’ve checked the numbers on the transitions, the bounce rate is really too low: 658 page views, 614 direct from Facebook and 598 exits - and Matomo shows a bounce rate of 19%…
I then analyzed the segmented visitor log: is it possible that Matomo evaluates visitor actions on the page (we measure an additional 3 scroll points) as another page visit?
Thank you in advance for your efforts!
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Hi there,
Could you please post a screenshot showing the issues with your data? Or feel free to send the screenshots to hello att matomo.org

HI Matthieu, thanks! I just send the screenshot via email. Best Regards, Helge

unfortunately we still have the problem with the bounce rate: it looks like matomo is not only counting the page views to the bounce rate, but also the events of the tag manager. As soon as someone has triggered another event on the page (e.g. scrolling) Matomo seems to count this as another new page call. Since we switched from Matomo “pure” to the tag manager, our bounce rate has dropped from 38% to 3% - Would be cool if it really was - unfortunately it isn’t… :wink: )
Do I have to configure the difference between pageview and event somewhere else?
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Matomo would count a new page view or event when only if you have configured your matomo tag to be triggered then. Can you check that you haven’t set up your tag to be triggered on page scrolls?

Thanks for your answer. I checked it:
Tracking type is pageview and there is only one trigger type pageview assignd. All the other tags and triggers are not of the type pageview.

@helgeb would you mind exporting your container and sending it to us at hello at matomo.org for review? we’ll try to reproduce the issue…

HI Matthieu, thanks a lot. I just send the export via mail. Best Regards, Helge

Hi Matthieu, now another try to describe our problem: :wink:
I use a segment visit per duration 1-10s and there are lots of visitors who were able to visit more than 1 page:

When I check the visitors log for the visitors who visitet 3 PAGES it looks like this:

So it realy looks like Matomo is counting the actions from the tagmanager als page visitis.
How can I change this? Or is it a bug?
Thanks for your attention.
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HI there!
Any news on this topic?
Today I tested it again: Deleted all Tags and Triggers and created 2 new one: One for pageview one for event. Same problem…
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