Tacking the Matomo server itself


Is is possible to configure the Matomo config so that it monitores itself?
My Matomo instance has siteId=1 . Where would I add this to the config?

Thanks in advance

There are plugins availbale for that. One is free: https://plugins.matomo.org/AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement and one is a paid version: https://plugins.matomo.org/ActivityLog. Not sure about the differences between the two.


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The activity log is the tracking of system actions (who activated which site when, who tried to enter a wrong password, etc.). This is a super user view. Whereas the Anomymous Piwik Usage Measurement is a standard site tracking (into a new measurable with dedicated siteid…)

Thanks for the additional information Philippe!

The activity log provides a record of system actions, such as identifying the individuals who accessed specific sites, tracking failed login attempts, and more. It offers a comprehensive view for super users to monitor system activity. On the other hand, the Anonymous Piwik Usage Measurement serves as a standard site tracking method, creating a separate measure with a dedicated siteid for tracking purposes. This enables the collection of anonymous usage data from various site visitors.